Goal planning; simplified.

Posted on July 18, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorized

Targets hit in the center by arrows

There is no such thing as  “one size fits all ” when it comes to financial planning or working through your next goal. As a lifelong Riverside resident, I often watch our community and economy shift. In response, I work closely with my clients to make their financial planning comprehensive and relevant.  One of the things I like about Raymond James is that they offer so many well-thought-out tools that give my clients autonomy. Being able to set goals, monitor them, adjust, and understand what you’re working towards is much more powerful than a hands-off approach.

Our Goal Planning and Monitoring Software allows you to design a strategy personalized to your situation. You can keep track of your financial goals, re-asses their effectiveness, and adjust as needed.

If you’re not familiar with our Goal Planning and Monitoring Software, you can find it by logging into Investor Access until the tools menu.

In addition to the Goal Planning and Monitoring tool, you can also play with a host of other calculators; budget worksheet, college saving, cost-of-waiting and more.