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Second Opinion. From Raincross Financial Partners

The ups and downs of Wall Street, the mess in Washington, D.C., and the current “media mania” may be taking their toll. Times like these can be overwhelming to investors leaving them with questions like these:

Am I still on track to meet my goals?
What actions should I be taking?
How can I protect my investments from this uncertainty?
Is it time to be opportunistic?

These questions are all very relevant and need to be addressed – especially in times like these. Some advisors are not equipped to address these concerns in a meaningful way. So even if you already work with a financial advisor, a fresh perspective and a second opinion could help.Our goal in working with people is to try and simplify complex issues and determine a course of action.

Our work is focused on the following:

Making practical and strategic decisions versus emotional and short-sighted ones,
Providing independent advice based on planning principles—not products,
Ensuring that our approach is comprehensive and holistic,
Gaining our clients’ perspective and being in tune with clients’ unique concerns, and
Managing investments by focusing on reducing risks.

The Value Of A Second Opinion

A second opinion can allay concerns by either providing confirmation that you are still on the right path or by identifying areas that need to be addressed. In our second opinion, we provide a number of useful reports and analyses — including stock selection review, investment overlap and income projections to name a few.

If this is something that would prove valuable to you, please call Raincross Financial Partners (951) 328-1190 or send us an email on our contact page.